Playwriting Credits

Beertown, an ensemble-devised play produced with dog & pony dc. (In addition being a co-writer and lyricist, I created and wrote content for the fictional town's website.) After a critically acclaimed, sold-out run in Washington, D.C., the show moved Off Broadway to 59E59 Theatres before embarking on the Beertown Takes America tour.

Bare Breasted Women Sword Fighting, an ensemble-devised play produced with dog & pony dc. (I was a co-creator and actor.)

Play: The Play, an ensemble-devised production at The Garage Theatre in Long Beach. (I was a co-creator and stage manager.)

Internet Things

The Savvy Observer, a long-form comedy podcast. 

Hipster Mother, a comedy blog about parenting.

"Theatre-ing While Disabled," a blog series on HowlRound.


A  Quick Guide to Childproofing Your Death Trap of a Home,  a book you can buy.

"Artemis, Selene, and Hecate: The Mythology of Chastity and Vengeance in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre," article for the Eyresses zine.


"Ford's Theatre 150: Remembering the Lincoln Assassination" Virtual Field Trip, produced by Discovery Education. I developed the script, cast the talent, and managed the project on the Ford's Theatre side. The program has been watched by over 1 million students.

Short Film Scripts

"Three-Way," a short script about a married couple. And another lady.

"Epic Fall," a short script about a mom who wants to be Pinterest-worthy.

Television Scripts

Hank and Martha in the Basement, a single-camera comedy pilot about new parents, and the proud grandparents who move in to "help."

Last Man on Earth, "Yacht Club," a spec script for the Fox television comedy.

Late Night Comedy Packet with monologue jokes, desk bits, and two sketches. Prepared January 2017.