Playwriting Credits

Beertown, an ensemble-devised play produced with dog & pony dc. (In addition being a co-writer and lyricist, I created and wrote content for the fictional town's website.) After a critically acclaimed, sold-out run in Washington, D.C., the show moved Off Broadway to 59E59 Theatres before embarking on the Beertown Takes America tour.

Bare Breasted Women Sword Fighting, an ensemble-devised play produced with dog & pony dc. (I was a co-creator and actor.)

Play: The Play, an ensemble-devised production at The Garage Theatre in Long Beach. (I was a co-creator and stage manager.)

Internet Things

The Savvy Observer, a long-form comedy podcast. 

Hipster Mother, a comedy blog about parenting.

"Theatre-ing While Disabled," a blog series on HowlRound.


A  Quick Guide to Childproofing Your Death Trap of a Home,  a book you can buy.

"Artemis, Selene, and Hecate: The Mythology of Chastity and Vengeance in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre," article for the Eyresses zine.


"Ford's Theatre 150: Remembering the Lincoln Assassination" Virtual Field Trip, produced by Discovery Education. I developed the script, cast the talent, and managed the project on the Ford's Theatre side. The program has been watched by over 1 million students.

Short Film Scripts

"Three-Way," a short script about a married couple. And another lady.

"Epic Fall," a short script about a mom who wants to be Pinterest-worthy.

Television Scripts

Hank and Martha in the Basement, a single-camera comedy pilot about new parents, and the proud grandparents who move in to "help."

Schitt’s Creek, "The Mean Grays," a spec script prepared May 2019.

Late Night Comedy Packet with monologue jokes, desk bits, and two sketches. Prepared January 2017.

Another Late Night Comedy Packet prepared July 2019. This one’s funnier.